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Our protagonist, John Tron, travels the world.  In the course of his travels he meets women and has sex with them. His site takes the form of a diary.  The text entry recalls the events of the day, with details about how today’s girl was contacted and what happened next.  Then there is a movie file.  This can include seeing the sights, a meal taken with the girl, a photosession back at the hotel, and sex.  There are often discussion exchanges with members about the day’s entry.


Much of John Tron’s travels take place in the Far East, with moderate activity in Europe.  There are girls from Asia, Europe and Africa representing all racial types, although he clearly has a leaning towards Asian women.  None of the girls has the appearance of being a porn girl, they come over as natural and ordinary.  They are almost all attractive without being startling beauties.  And, it appears, John’s preferred body type is diminutive and slender: there are relatively few busty girls here.


The main format is a calendar page for each month, with each day linking to a page for that day.

The entries for each day follow a similar format: meeting a girl, followed by an encounter in a hotel room.  Once in the hotel room there is typically some photography and/or foreplay before sex follows.  Filming is usually POV, sometimes augmented by wider shots from a fixed camera position (John’s face is fuzzed over).  Night vision is used occasionally.

I liked the site format, and also the format of individual entries.  It is repetitive, but that suits the nature of the site.

Image quality is good on average, but cameras of varying qualities are used.

As is always the case with POV, what you get to see is not always what you would prefer to see and, of course, there is seldom an overall establishing shot.  Camerawork concentrates on sexual joining, and faces take less priority. Avoiding the girls’ faces leads to my main reservation about the site.

Porn is often a matter of presentation, and the presentation here is that the girls are casual pickups and/or hookers.  Maybe they are, maybe they’re not: I have no problem in either case.  But many of the Asian girls act as if they are simply there for John to fuck for a bit and then ejaculate into, an impression which he does nothing to dispel: his diary commentary gives the impression that they are mere f**k-fodder.  There is a seeming lack of respect for these girls as people, and they appear to share this.

I recognise that the girls’ attitude is, to some extent an Asian cultural thing.  But, personally, I like it if the girl at least gives a sense of engagement in the sex.  This site gives the impression that the girls would rather be somewhere else, and that John is more interested in his diary entry than the sex.  The European and African girls are far more energised and motivated and, in those scenes, so is John.

I should stress that there is no abusiveness here, just an air of off-handedness (on both sides) which I, personally, find unerotic.


The basic calendar design enables you to work through from the start in January 2012, day by day, or to search locations.  There are menu options for My Trophies, My Conquests, and others, as well as a general search.  Navigation options are good.  Not every day features sex, but it is clear from the calendar pages which days have sex-related activity.

A page can take several seconds to load, and the video loads into the page several seconds after that.  This is a little slower than we have come to expect, but is no big deal.  The videos stream with no problem.

There is no download option, however, and on each page there is a rather aggressive warning telling you not to try copying the video.  The threat of being banned and reported to the police as well as being blown up by high explosives (OK, I made that last one up) is a bit excessive: it only needed to be on login/home pages.  It adds an unfriendly and hostile touch to the site.  Being a huge coward, I didn’t attempt any downloads.


The site is updated pretty much daily.  This is what you would expect, given its nature.  Not every day will feature sex, and I didn’t go through and count.  But it looks as if more days are active than not.


This is a very narrowly focused site.  If POV sex with random Asian women is your thing – and there is a big market for it out there – then this site is just what the doctor ordered.  For the more general porn surfer I suspect that there will be some material here which will tickle your fancy, but not enough to justify a long term subscription.

A great idea, well-executed, let down by an impersonal feel to sex
2.5Niche Asian gonzo
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  • Randy Marsh

    “It adds an unfriendly and hostile touch to the site. Being a huge coward, I didn’t attempt any downloads.” Na, the real coward is John Tron. I don’t see why he needs to hide his face when he films or afraid someone downloading his shitty videos if they paid for the subscription. TBH, I hope he gets aids one day because his videos are pretty sleazy.

    • The scary thing for me is that in this genre, this is actually one of the “nicer” ones. It’s no excuse for what he does, but it does shock me to realise there’s people that do this but *worse*!!

      • Coaster Delux

        lol what?

        These girls are not professional leg-spreaders like most sites are full of. THey are filmed for first time on camera, first time with white men and in countries where sex is not exuberant like you’d see on a typical porn site. Your SJW is oozing… and clouding your review process.

        • Many of them are from/in countries where making this sort of content is actually illegal and considering there is video evidence, they could be persecuted for it.

          And no, they are not professional pornstars which actually begs the question of exploitation. You’ll notice that a few of them barely have a grasp on the english language, and it makes you question if they were properly communicated what the job is. Some girls are fine with the idea of being filmed, but might not be fine for those films to be up on the internet as pornography. I’d like to believe that yes, they are all completely aware of the consequences of what they are agreeing to, but considering my own personal experience for how you have to *really* explain, I doubt it was done properly/fairly if there’s a huge communication barrier.

          Maybe you don’t mind the potential exploitation of asian sex workers, but it leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

  • huiyan

    This seems awfully close to just a documentation of sex tourism. I’m not against sex work, don’t get me wrong, but I don’t see how you can ensure that you’re making ethical porn with a concept like this.