Tina Kay is easily my favourite pornstar now. I had such an amazing weekend with her as you saw here. Tina Kay is a former Page 3 girl and did mainstream modelling before switching to porn. And it shows. She’s stunning. Even more so in person. I loved making this video with her.

And not just for her looks. Sure Tina Kay is tall, beautiful. Her body is perfectly toned. Her bum is pert and her boobs womanly. Oh and her face. Wow! I could look into her eyes forever.

But it’s Tina Kay’s personality that shines the most. She never stops smiling. Always joking and laughing. Tina is just such a join to be around. I think we even planned a little holiday together while drinking cocktails.

But before that adventure you get to see the videos we made. Oh you wouldn’t believe what Tina is like at sex. She’s so skilled, so enthusiastic and full of energy. I’ve never been with someone like her before. I hope you have fun watching it!



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