I have amazing lesbian sex with Leila Sugarcookie. She came over to visit me from England. Although I have lots of activities planned, we keep getting distracted.



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Leila is lying on the bed. She’s tired from the flight, and her hair is spread out like a fan around her head. Her long legs are clad in tight yoga bottoms, and she wears a tight fitting grey jumper that has  a low neck line revealing her lovely cleavage.

Even when she’s doing nothing at all she turns me on. There’s something supremely sexy about a girl who’s comfortable in her own skin, and able to relax completely around you. She lifts a hand up and runs her fingers through her hair. I can smell the coconut scented shampoo from where I stand at the end of the bed.

I climb onto the bed and lie down next to her. There’s a short moment, where I’m unsure how to start the conversation, and she’s still concentrating on the quiz app she has opened. She turns around to look at me, my face already on the pillow next to hers. A playful smile flashes at me and in this moment there is nothing I want to do but spend the rest of the day kissing those tantalising lips of hers.

After a short moment, I lean forward and kiss her lightly. She kisses me back, and it seems like fire as engulfed me. My body goes up in flames as my lips open and our mouths collide, tongues dancing against each other.

She is filled with passion. As a result I feel her hands roam wildly. They are on my face, pulling me closer to her. Her fingers caress through my hair, touch down my neck before moving quickly back to my face. In return, my hands are touching her and matching her need.

The lines of her body feel so perfect against me. I revel in the softness of her curves and the contrasting firmness of her perk breasts. When I tease my hand under her jumper I gasp at finding the nipple piercings she has. Cold metal meets my touch, cool and solid.

I flick the metal with my thumb and I’m congratulated with a moan from her. It’s only been moments, yet it feels like we have been kissing forever. For too long. I need her to be undressed and naked next to me. Now.

I pull her top over her head, satisfied to see she wasn’t wearing a bra. Kissing down from her lips to her neck, I trail my tongue down the valley between her breasts before taking one in and sucking on her nipple.

The metallic taste is alien to me, but I enjoy it. Her moans increase as I suck and nibble on her breast. One hand is pressing against her free nipple, teasing it in synchronisation with my tongue. The other hand is moving lower down, pulling at her yoga pants

She lifts her hips up and I momentarily release her breast from my mouth. I quickly pull of her trousers and her panties along with it. Firstly I want to use my hands to tease her, but she’s already so excited and I’m not sure I can wait.

Instead I pry her legs open, and nestle myself down between her thighs. She’s completely shaven. I think to myself that this must be one of the most beautiful pussies I have ever seen in my life.

I use my fingers to explore her, opening up folds and circling her clitoris. Her back arches and her hands are in my hair, urging me on. I lick my lips, then using my tongue take one long lap. My saliva mixes with her juices, already streaming out.

She tastes sweet and salty at the same time. I take her in my mouth, sucking on her clit. My tongue flicks it back and forth, the rhythm increasing slowly but steadily. Her body is now shaking ever so slightly and I feel on top of the world.

I use my fingers to press down on her clitoris, whilst my tongue works itself a little lower down. Using small, circular motions, I wait to see which movements she likes the most. There is a certain pressure I apply that causes her to moan out even louder than she’s already doing.

Her hand tries to push my own away and I know this is it. I use the circular motion, keeping a steady beat. I don’t change what I do. That’s the key to making a girl orgasm, you find out the move that does it for her and you keep on doing it.

Her body begins to twitch and shudder under me and she’s trying so hard to keep herself in check. She whispers for me to stop, but her hand that is pulling head even deeper into her is telling me to keep doing.

I increase the speed of my fingers and tongue ever so slightly. It’s exactly perfect. Her whole body now shakes and convulses, as juices pour out and she whimpers as the force of her orgasm takes her over.

I let her go. Her body is still trembling and I take this time to slowly lick her back to normal. It’s very important to have a little aftercare post orgasm.  When I think she is calm enough, I move back up and kiss her again.

This time the kiss is slow. Slow and tender, to tell her she did an amazing job. I let her taste herself on my tongue. I smooth her hair with my clean hand and I trail light kisses all over her face.

Normally this is the time we would stop for a little break, but Leila has other ideas and it doesn’t take long for her to recover at all.