I have spent the most wonderful and amazing weekend with Leila Sugarcookie. We visit the Budapest baths, play at an escape room, eat lots of yummy food and of course make lots and lots of sexy videos! I’m bursting to tell you guys all about it. 

Leila arrives on fairly late Monday evening. Yes, I know, technically not the weekend! But it’s much easier to say I spent a weekend with Leila Sugarcookie than I spent the first few days of the week with her. Rolls off the tongue nicely, a little bit like Leila in fact.

Her plane lands at 9pm and I’m already waiting in the airport cafe. She bounces over in an oversized but very fashionable brown winter coat, and pulls along an equally oversized suitcase.

“Don’t worry” She smiles wickedly at me. “It’s filled with lingerie and sextoys!” She winks and I whisk her away to the taxi rank as quick as I can.

Despite the tease of sexy panties and toys, we’re both very tired Monday night. I have booked us a different apartment to stay at as my own is weirdly crowded this week. This apartment is spacious, white and has a lovely big bed for Leila and myself. It also has a wonderful bathroom that has a bath with jacuzzi jets. My mind races at the sort of mischief we can get up to in that bath.

We decide to have an early night, although in bed we end up giggling for ages about Harry Potter. Yes, Leila Sugarcookie is a Potterhead! I bet you didn’t know that. She’s a self declared Gryffindor, and was mildly shocked at my admission to being a Hufflepuff. Tinder Tommie who is our cameraman for the weekend refuses to acknowledge how amazing Harry Potter is – classic muggle mentality. We all fall asleep around midnight.

Tuesday Shenanigans

We wake up bright an early Tuesday morning. Well, Leila wakes up bright and early, whilst I curl up and try to block the daylight out. I hear her running a bath, but let her get on with things. Leila has this amazing ability to smell like coconuts and happiness in the morning, and I don’t want to interrupt whatever beautiful ritual she has to achieve it.

For breakfast I make a ham and cheese sandwich, and Leila has a diet shake and some sort of healthy protein bar. She does try a bit of my cheese, and eats three slices. I find out she doesn’t like ham.

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Her lack of love for ham doesn’t matter though, because I can smell the coconuts and happiness from across the table and it smells amazing. I convince her to come back to bed with me. We spend the next hour and a bit kissing, touching, licking and all sorts. Of course we filmed the whole thing.

Despite having a few things planned for the day, we end up having sex till about midday. Leila and I have a chemistry that’s very explosive, and leaving the bed whilst she’s in it is a very tough task.

We do manage to get ourselves to an escape room in the afternoon. Being locked in a room with Leila is definitely my idea of a good time. Escape rooms are hit and miss, generally very fun but the quality depends on the production. The one we went to is fun, even though I’m the one that ends up solving the maths problems like the asian nerd I am.

Wednesday Mischief

Wednesday starts off much the same. I hear the running of the bath, and this time I decide to join Leila in the jacuzzi tub. We but in some bubble bath, and I take a lot of pleasure in getting her body wet and soapy.

Leila's nipple piercingThe water is hot, but not as hot as how Leila looks. Her nipples are always erect because of her nipple piercings, a surprise to me but definitely a turn on. We both use the little seat in the corner of the bath to play with each other using the shower head. A bath is a great place to get up to mischief because you can wash away any evidence. We did clean ourselves up before getting out.

Leila in her bikiniOn the subject of baths, I decide to show Leila one of the many thermal baths that Budapest is famous for. It’s a fantastic excuse to get Leila to wear her bikini, who’s bottom half is only a very tiny amount of fabric.

The baths are busy and full of old people. They’re not really a place I like to go to, but everyone who visits Budapest always seem to want to visit. Because the water naturally has sulphur in it, it kind of smells like eggs. We don’t stay too long, and Leila and I share a some coffee and a cake before we go back home.

At home, we quickly clean the sulphur smell off each other. I teach Leila how to make a solo video, and she’s a natural. She shows me how to use her magic wand, a high intensity vibrator. We do our hair together, opting for twin buns which makes her look like Princess Leia and makes me look like Chun Li.

We squeeze in a few more sexy moments on camera before Leila has to catch her flight back to England.