Apparently today is pretend to be a time traveller day. I thought a fun way of doing that would be to go through my old tweets and blog posts, as well as photos. I’ve picked out some of my favourite things from the past 3 years of my porn career. Some are funny, some are awkward, some are still just as relevant today. I hope you enjoy to pretend to be a time traveller with me today!


Let’s start things off with the first photo I ever posted on Twitter. It’s funny, but I can’t remember the last time I wore stockings and suspenders. I think they’re hot as hell, but I must have gone off wearing them at some point. I’m all about the knee high socks right now, which are both warmer and less fiddly!


Next up we have the first face photo I ever posted on Twitter. For many people, this was the first time they ever saw me. I remember those big square glasses. And that bookshelf actually. You see the cola bottle on the shelf? That’s there on purpose. I went to a comic book convention and that was a coke bottle my favourite artist at the time had used. So lame, and kinda gross, but really funny that I still remember that!


Does anyone remember this girl? I was sort of dating her when I started everything. This counts as my first ever fan sign I guess? There should be more fan signs.. note to self, get more fan signs. Fun fact, you can actually see videos of this girl and myself on the website! Although she has her face hidden in the videos too. It’s crazy to think that’s how things started for me.

Some of the earliest photos I posted

These photos are from when I first started to really take a lot of selfies. In my defence, it was for social media, therefore work related. My hair was barely shoulder length and it’s natural black colour. There was also that phase when my glasses broke and I was forced to wear my big round Harry Potter glasses.


The first time I cammed

I wrote a blog post about the first time I cammed. You can read it here. Reading it back to myself, it’s quite funny to see how I reacted. There’s actually footage of the first few shows I did posted around the internet. I remember the connection being terrible, my camera being terrible. I’m honestly surprised anyone showed up in my cam room.

The blog posted ended with:

“I definitely don’t understand the tipping system. I don’t understand anything. But I leave feeling exhilarated and happy, and I really, really want to do better!”

So I can safely say that I still don’t really understand the tipping system, I still don’t understand anything. It definitely still makes me happy and I’m always trying to get better at it!

Funk Hair Choices

My hair has gone through a lot transformations in the past year. The first year I was mostly natural black hair, with the occasional brightly coloured wigs. Then I dyed my hair to a normal brown colour which I thought looked nicer than black. This year I started to go a bit more wild. I had the blonde to pink gradient which was by far my favourite – but also the hardest to maintain. Now I’m a black>grey>purple sort of colour. I think I’ll dye my hair back to black before the end of the year! It needs some loving care, and all the bleaching has been taking it’s toll. Back to black for a while, then crazy colours again I think. Which colour/style was your favourite?

My most popular tweets

Is it surprising that my most popular tweets are the more recent ones? I guess because I have more followers now than before. Zoe Doll’s video game clip came out as my most popular tweet ever, followed by my pink dress gif.