After the success of my last video game distraction video with Zoe Doll, I decided to try it again with Yumi Sugarbaby. I’ve since learned that one of the names for this fetish is bored and ignored. For me, I find it a fun challenge to set with my friends. Would you like to see more of these?



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  • dr_zero

    Sorry, new member. I wondered what are the two videos available for free members? Liking the buildup of this one!!

    • alicianicole

      yeah how do we get the two free videos? I want to see this one as well.

  • kalikuta

    Fantastic video! Love the face Yumi makes. Reminds me of when i tease my partner xD

  • luvinit

    wow! both of you very sexy! very hot!

    • Harriet Sugarcookie


  • peterpowers99

    Bit of a worry when your sugarbaby ignores you Harriett. She needs to be reminded that she is their for your sexual gratification

    • Harriet Sugarcookie

      :) It’s cool, this is one of my kinks, i liked it

  • coshaben

    I think this is very innovative. I’m a new member and have just started to explore your website, but I have been a member of other sites like Brazzers where they have done this. Unfortunately, they were not really playing video games whereas not only is Yumi playing but she is legitimately ignoring you which is sexy. Excellent job.

  • supafreak

    Yes, More like This :) Please !