I have been looking forward to meeting Anissa Kate since April. I really admire her career in the porn industry and she always comes across as a lovely person. Her smoking hot body is also very compelling. When I hear the doorbell ring at 10am, I’m so excited and nervous that I don’t feel tired at all which is strange for a Sunday morning for me!



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Anissa arrives at the house looking fresh and beautiful. I don’t know how some girls are able to do that. Just look perfect first thing in the morning. I personally look a bit of a mess, with my hair in tangles and minimal make-up that I put on whilst I was half asleep. She doesn’t seem to mind at all, and we hug and kiss in the European way. She has a bag with her, filled with lingerie and other goodies. I offer her some coffee.

I ask her about herself. Aside from what I know on social media, I don’t really know that much about her. She’s a superstar of course, but it turns out she’s also a really friendly and down to earth girl. We talk about fitness and she reveals to me her thoughts on surgeries and liposuction. We talk about guys, and decide that overly muscular guys aren’t attractive.

Dean Van Damme is sat on the sofa next to me. He’s going to be doing the boy part of our scene today and that’s awesome. He’s quite muscular but we decide that he has a very nice body. He blushes. It feels very relaxed, all of us sitting, drinking tea, talking about fitness and boys. I feel a twang of guilt for my own fitness slipping away again.

Every now and again Anissa Kate will look at me directly. She has these most stunning eyes. You can tell that she’s intelligent from the way she looks at you. Every time our eyes meet I feel that there’s this little spark. It runs down my spine and makes other body parts tingle. I try to think of the most polite way to ask her to come to the bedroom, because I really need to kiss her soon.

In the bedroom

We manage to make it to the bedroom. Part of me is nervous, as I always am before doing anything with someone new. Part of me is just really turned on. Anissa Kate just has something about her that draws me in and keeps me there. She has this confidence that is unbelievable sexy.

I’ve never experienced a body like hers before either. She has these large breasts, but they’re real. Probably the most perky, large natural breasts I have ever felt in my life. They were like clouds I wanted to fall into. I wrap my tongue around her nipple, kneading the other breast with my hands, feeling it soft and springy under my fingers. I switch nipples occasionally, and then go back to her mouth.

Kissing Anissa Kate was everything I was hoping. She has a soft, womanly mouth. Her lips are full but not too large, and she knows how to use her tongue expertly. Our mouths seem to fit together very well, and she does what I want her to do before I’ve even realised I wanted her to do that.

My hands are in her hair, around her neck, touching the her shoulders, cupping her breasts. I can’t seem to keep them in any one place for very long. Instead I want to just explore all the curves of her body until I know it from memory.

She lies back on the bed and her body opens up to me. Her legs are toned and tanned like the rest of her body. Her half French half Arabic genetics merge to form this beautiful tone that reminds me of salted caramel. I run my fingers along the length of her, before reaching up to take of her panties. She’s shaved and I can see the faint tell tale glisten of her own excitement.

I want to dive in then and there and taste her, but I decide to try and calm down and take it slow instead. My fingers move along the lines of her opening, and gently nudge the nib of her clitoris. Anissa makes the cutest sex noises. She goes from moaning softly, almost a whisper, to calling out in real passion. It’s encouraging, and so I become braver with my fingers.

Finally I bring my head down and tentatively run my tongue over her. She tastes fresh and sweet and slightly musky in the way women do. It’s a nice taste and I lap it up hungrily. Anissa sighs and moans against my tongue, which I work up into a faster speed. I circle her clit, putting a little more pressure onto it. I’m met with another cry of pleasure from her which encourages me to keep going.

She’s so passionate, it’s a pleasure to give her pleasure. I want to make her come. To hear her cry out as her body rocks against my tongue. I use my fingers to bring in more sensation for her. Keeping a steady rhythm, I feel her body changing, straining against me, I go hard and fast until I feel her buckle under me. There’s a glow of satisfaction as her body wiggles in the after waves.

Anissa flips me over, so now it’s my body under hers. She uses her fingers, long and slender, and starts at a fast pace straight away. I don’t realise how wet I’ve already gotten, but I’m taken by surprise. She’s turned me on so much that it’s hard not to come then and there. Her fingers are fast, rubbing in the perfect exact spot. I blush at my own body for betraying me so quickly, but she laughs and tells me it’s cute. We kiss and I feel amazing.