Yumi is my sugarbaby for the weekend. She’s fun, cute and adventurous. I was quite surprised to find out that she’s only ever kissed a girl once before. It’s quite an honour that she let me take her lesbian virginity. 



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We are sat on the bed. Things were going well, the day has been so much fun. It seemed like such a natural progression, now that we were more tired, to go into the bedroom for a nap. It’s not until we’re sat on the bed that I ask about her previous experiences with women. She tells me that she’s only lightly pecked a friend at a club once.

For a moment I’m not sure what to do. I’ve been interested in girls since I was in highschool, and my first girlfriend was quite experienced. I didn’t know how to react to the news that Yumi had never been with a girl before. I just assumed that she had, and that she was interested in women. After all, she did decide to be my sugarbaby.

My plan of seducing her momentarily fly out the window. I feel nervous, as if it’s my first time. I’m quickly running through all the different things lesbian sex can involve. Fingers. Tongues. Scissors. Dildos. Strap-ons. I decide to only do the first two. It’s more intimate and for a first time I don’t want to overwhelm her.

I feel a bit awkward about kissing her though. The thing about kissing is that you normally know the person you’re going to kiss is going to like it. I wasn’t sure if Yumi would like it. She’s never really kissed a girl before after all. What if I’m not a good kisser? What if I disappoint her?

I’ve lost the moment in all my thinking. If anything things feel even more awkward. I wonder if this is how my first girlfriend felt when we were first together. I try to remember what she did. We took it very slow. So I just start to idly chatter to Yumi. To relax us both.

Although I haven’t quite decided on what I’m going to do, I knew that I wanted to do it properly. Eventually I joke about being romantic and simply kissing her. Her lips are slightly parted. She has a few freckles on her face, and on her lips too. Very cute. Very kissable. I lean in forward, tilt my head up and very gentle kiss her.

Kissing girls feels very different to kissing boys. Girls lips are often much softer. They’re also fuller. When I kiss a girl, it always feels more romantic. I let my kiss linger a bit. Yumi gets used to the sensation, and I kiss her some more. It feels nice. Part of me wants to just go diving straight in, but I know it’s better to wait.

harriet licking yumi's breastMy hand goes up to her neck. I push back strands of hair from her face. She has such beautiful skin, without any bags under her eyes.It feels nice to stroke her face as I continue the tender kisses to her face. I kiss the sides of her mouth, which curve up in a slight smile. I kiss along her jaw line, around by her ear and also her neck.

Normally I let the guys take a lead in bed. However with Yumi, it’s my turn to take the lead. Whilst kissing her, I tentatively caress her arms, waist and even cup her small and perky breasts. I go slowly, gauging her reaction. If I think she doesn’t like it, I’ll stop. Luckily Yumi seems to be enjoying it.

Her hands shyly reach over to me, copying my own movements. Our kiss gets a little firmer, and I can feel her grow more confident under my lips. Her hair is long and keeps falling over her face, but I enjoy pushing it back again. The motion seems erotic somehow. Romantic.

At some point, we’ve gone from the sitting position to lying down on the bed next to each other. The duvet is soft around us, and things feel so comfortable I wonder if we’ll both fall asleep perhaps. Feeling braver now that I know she’s ok with my touch, I slip my hand delicately over the cotton of her body suit. I reach down and feel the curve of her mound under the fabric. Am I going to fast? Yumi doesn’t stop me, so I continue to lightly run my fingers back and forth over it. Then my hands go back to her waist and breast.

My movements are fluid and deliberate. I want to make sure everything is right. This is the first time a woman is touching her like this after all. I want her to enjoy it. Of course exploring her body is lovely for me. Her skin feels warm under my finger tips, and she occasionally shivers under their light caress.

I sit up and pull the body suit over her. She is left almost naked in front of me. Her body is so beautiful that I take a moment to simply enjoy it. I trace the outline of her long torso, the curve where her waist and hips join. Her nipples area dark caramel brown colour and I run my hands over them both. I love girls with small breasts. Hers are so cute.

I move my body so that it lies along next to her. Our curves fit against each other like puzzle pieces. Women have soft bodies than men, but it feels nice when two soft bodies come together. I continue my gentle kisses on her lips and her face. My hand trails back down and I use my finger to draw light circles over her clit.

In some ways, this part is easier than the kissing. I’m more confident with the lower part of a girl’s body. Yumi’s is already slick and inviting. I continue the circular motions with my fingers. I also slide my fingers up and down her slit, probing at her labia and the soft folds hiding her sweet entrance.

Taking Yumi Sugarbaby's virginityMy fingers get slightly damp. She smells of excitement and musk. I’ve not been with many asian girls. I notice that Yumi smells a lot like me. I wonder if it’s a genetic thing, or simply because we’ve been eating the same things. It’s a comforting smell, and it tells me exactly how she is feeling. I believe I can understand how her body is working just a little bit more.

When I feel her start to shiver and wiggle underneath me, I take it as a sign to move things along. My fingers start probing her more firmly. Their pace quickens over her clit. She responds with low moans that are almost impossible to hear. Yumi is a very soft spoken girl, and her soft voice carries into the bedroom. I want to hear her louder, but I’m not complaining about the timid noises she’s making now.

I duck my head down and dip my tongue out. Unsurprisingly she tastes a lot like me too. It’s the first time I’ve ever tasted a girl that resembles myself so much. She’s slightly more sour though I note. I use my tongue to playfully tease at her clit. My saliva coats her already wet area further. I use the opportunity to ever so slowly slide one finger inside her.

She’s hot and oh so tight. I pump my finger in and out of her a little, whilst my tongue continues it’s sweet assault on her clit. I alternate between fast strokes and slow strokes, as well as the strength in which I press my face into her. It’s easy to figure out which type to use, depending on how her body reacts under me.

Soon she is squirming and moaning at a frequency that I understand. She’s close. I put most of my attention on the work my tongue is doing. I patiently tease the orgasm from her, letting my fingers coax her body over the edge. She moans and trembles in delight.

Her breathing is fast and shallow. I smooth a bit of hair away from her face, where it sticks to the sweat. She is so sweet, and I’m glad I was able to take her lesbian virginity without incident. I think she will let me try more things later on. For now, I let her relax and we both lie in the comfort of each other.