The Alexis Arquette sex tape was bought and destroyed by Xhamster, after being sold by her ex lover the day after she passed away. Sex tape controversy also for ITV’s Love Island which showed two contestants having sex in a room full of people. Good sex news is that Diego the Tortoise has saved his species almost singlehandedly. 

Alexis Arquette, known for her activist works for transgenders, passed away on Sunday. The day after, a former lover decided to cash in on her death by selling a sex tape.

Pornwebsite Xhamster bought the rights to the sextapes and have since destroyed them all. They told DailyMail

‘We acquired the tape and subsequently destroyed all copies of it.

‘We hope people will remember Ms. Arquette for the activist that she was and that her memory will continue to live on.’

The actress is best known for her roles in Pulp Fiction, and The Wedding Singer. She transitioned from male to female in 2006 and became on of the best known advocates for transgenders.

Her former sister in law Courtney Cox wrote, ‘My heart goes out to anyone who was lucky enough to know Alexis. We will love and miss you forever.’

Tributes on social media also included a message from her close friend Boy George.

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ITV’s popular reality TV show Love Island came under criticism this for showing two contestants having sex in a room full of other contestants. The footage shows 19 year old Emma-Jane Woodham straddling 28 year old Terry Walsh under the covers.

Ofcom, regulators for TV in the UK, received a lot of complaints for the episode. However after looking into it, they concluded that it did not break broadcasting rules.

“Sexual intercourse that is justified by context, and isn’t expressly included for the primary purpose of sexual arousal or stimulation, is permitted as long as it isn’t before the watershed (unless there is a serious educational purpose).”

Finally conservative MP Sir William Cash commented

“The bottom line is that this was inappropriate.

I would agree with those who have said it’s deplorable.”

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Diego, a Galapagos giant , has saved his species by fathering around 800 children. He is now over 100 years old, but still going strong. He lives in a breeding centre in Santa Cruz Island, after moving there from San Diego Zoo, where he got his name from.

50 years ago his species had only 2 males and 12 females. Now there are around 2000 on the island. In his enclosure, he lives with 6 female tortoises, and they continue to breed for their species.

Three if the f the 15 species of giant tortoise known to have originated in the Galapagos have gone extinct. This is because of pirates plundering their ecosystem in 18th century.

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  • NeilW

    Alexis Arquette – gifted at comedy, as talented as her siblings, and a sad loss. Well done Xhamster: what a lovely and generous gesture. And the scummy partner who sold the recording in the first place should be named and shamed.

    Love Island live sex – this exactly what Love Island and similar programmes have been building to, so why the surprise? Titillation for those who watch it, and something for Daily Mail readers to blow a gasket over. But move along, folks – nothing to see here (literally).

    Diego the tortoise – good on you, mate. Keep it up! (also literally)

    Sex education – a thoughtful article. I can think of at least one person who would be able to deliver a sex ed curriculum which would be relevant and relatable. When you have a spare minute or two, Harriet!

    Indonesia proposing to criminalise casual and gay sex – I despair. We’re making progress in the west, slowly, and other countries are going backwards. More education needed, that’s the only way real change comes about.

    Carrier bag condom – dare I say it: more education needed. You certainly have your work cut out, Harriet, especially given the cinema experience you had earlier in Vietnam this year.