Blowjobs are not meant to be given as a birthday gift, or in exchange for something else. If you view BJ’s as the source of ultimate pleasure, they will become that for you. Your partner will enjoy it even more so if he sees you are genuinely enjoying yourself. Your attitude is what makes the blowjob unforgettable.

It’s all about the connection, the tease, and the confidence. A woman should never be shy of letting her partner know, by peeking up at his eyes, how much she craves his pleasure. Men need to be told that their manhood is beautiful.

SMILE WITH YOUR EYESBeautiful Piper Blush from The Art of Blowjob

You can communicate with your eyes a wide range of feelings. A solid eye contact will draw you both closer, creating a more intimate atmosphere. Lock eyes with him to see his reaction to your every move. He will surely let you see little hints, you can adjust to do only what he prefers, making it better and better. Most importantly, keep the eye contact during the orgasm.

Most men I’ve encountered, tell me that a passionate eye contact often makes a difference in the quality of the blowjob.


It’s easy to have the perfect attitude towards the blowjob- Show him you are totally in love with his cock! Let him know it excites you, it makes you wet with desire. He can not guess what you don’t show him.

You should not only love his manly attribute when it’s time for you to use it. Let him know, at any time in the day, that you are hungry for is cock. You should always be captivated by it. When he passes near you, brush your fingers on his cock. When he is naked devour him with your eyes.

To make him know you grave for his cock more than anything in the world, you can ask his permission before you start. “Can I please give you a blowjob”. Your neediness arouses him. If you are not addicted to his manhood, you will never be able to give him the blowjob he fantasises about. The attitude you decide to have towards his penis becomes part of you. It will define you.

Beautiful Piper Blush from The Art of Blowjob sucks cockATTITUDE IS THE BEST TECHNIQUE

Keep in mind that it’s about the attitude. A woman’s attitude towards the blowjob affects her partner’s experience. Don’t just enjoy the blowjob, need the blowjob. You crave his silky smooth engorged shaft, his warmth filling your mouth.

Use expressions of happiness to tease him. Do more often the little things that your men finds sexy and always notices about or on you. Arouse him as much as you possibly can. With your lips, hair, lingerie.

Once you have gotten him naked, don’t lose the attitude. Take your time, it’s all about slow sensuality. Pressure just kills arousal. If you get tired take a few seconds to tease him with your body and eye contact. You can always switch into a more comfortable position.

Just concentrate on his pleasure, on sucking, licking, stroking, kissing every inch to make an impression on him.


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