This week we look at mistaken German police strippers, an actual Connecticut stripper, and the chances that casual sex can lead to marriage – as proven by Mila Kunis

Mila Kunis is proof casual sex can lead to marriage

Firstly guys, I didn’t realise Mila Kunis was officially married, which means our 0.0001 chance of ever getting to sleep with her fell to about 0.000000001.

Secondly, it turns out her Husband and baby daddy Ashton Kutcher started out as casual sex friends, proving that casual sex can lead to marriage. At first, it seems like a simple “well duh, of course it can.” case, but looking deeper into social conventions of how we view relationships it’s actually very interesting for a celebrity couple to admit to.

I’ve had personal experiences with people who don’t like to admit they use online dating tools. I’m a big fan of them, and I’ve used Tinder on several occasions. I’ve met guys who never want to admit we actually met on Tinder, instead preferring to tell friends or family we met at a bar.

It’s now more acceptable to tell people you met through online dating, as it’s just more common. Casual sex is also becoming more easily accepted as a social norm, rather than something exclusive to sex maniacs.

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German Police mistaken for strippers by drunk party people

When an especially rowdy 50th birthday party in Bendorf got too loud for the neighbours, two male policemen came over to the do to ask them to quieten down.

The 10 tipsy female partiers mistook them for male strippers, and proceeded to try and pose and take photos of them. When they asked for the birthday girl’s phone number, as part of procedure, they were met with hoots and coos of excitement.

The officers were only able to convince the women that they weren’t strippers, when one of them noticed that they did, in fact, arrive in a police car.

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Connecticut stripper charged of arson after police followed potato. 

Possibly one of the funniest headlines I’ve written recently. A business owner who was victim of arson was led to culprit after police found a suspicious potato stuffed into his tailpipe.

The potato in tailpipe somehow managed to lead police to 19 year old stripper Willow Martin. She has now been charged with arson. Apparently it’s over the fact the business owner, who is one of her friend’s father, owned her money.

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  • NeilW

    Casual sex leading to marriage – the newspaper piece really annoyed me. It is full of the judgementalism which I grew up with and which I am having so much difficulty shaking off. How dare we judge people for their sexual activity, and then go “Well, that’s alright then,” when it results in them becoming all conventional and “approved”? If you do no harm to others, then how you behave is fine. That’s what my head says, now if I can only dislodge the attitudes I grew up with…

    Looking in a bit more detail, it’s clear that Kunis, too, has this conflict between the furtive, shifty, “unapproved” casual sex period (we’re fucking but we feel guilty about it) and the point where they become a formal couple, so it’s now OK. Sigh. Society needs re-educating. You know I’m looking at you, here, don’t you?

    Police mistaken for male strippers – an easy mistake to make if you’re pissed, I suspect. When I saw Magic Mike at the cinema, I made the mistake of being the only man in an audience for 350 middle-aged ladies who had gone to see it for very different reasons to me. I felt as out of place as a foreskin at a bar mitzvah.

    The stripper and the spud – details few and fair between, and no pics of the young lady, so any serious comment isn’t on the cards. We’re left with wondering how she peels, and hoping she hasn’t had her chips. I wonder if they roasted her in the interrogation room? I expect they sautéed her out OK.