When I met Jimena Lago for the first time in Budapest, I didn’t realise how close we’d become in such a short time. I feel like we’re bosom buddies. Because of that, I was ecstatic when she invited me to visit her for a Sleepover in Madrid with Jimena Lago on twitter. I’d never been before and having such a beautiful guide sounded perfect. 

Me and Jimena Lago in Madrid ready for an exciting day out

After landing in Madrid, I took a taxi to the apartment where Jimena was waiting for me. We were in very central Madrid, with lots of tourist-y things near by, including a Taco Bell which didn’t seem very spanish at all. Luckily Jimena knew more authentic restaurants and we had dinner in a fantastic, chic rustic bistro. I ordered the tuna and she ordered tacos. The tacos were without a doubt one of the nicest things I’ve had on my trip, chicken braised in what I think was coconut. A surprising combination of flavours.

We went to bed ready for a busy and exciting start in the morning. The first place we hit up was a very famous chocolatria, which is open 24 hours a day. There they served Churros and Porras with a thick chocolate dip – a traditional and staple in Spanish cuisine. As much as I love chocolate however, it was hard eating it for breakfast (although I did get through a lot!) and it was amazing seeing how everyone just came to get their morning churros and chocolate. About as different from an english breakfast as you can get really!

We spent the day talking about Spain, more about where she came from and I told her about the AVNs and invited her to come along to America with me. Whether or not this will happen has yet to be confirmed, but it’s so much fun hanging out with her I would love it. I also vowed to try and study Spanish, since using google translate for half of our conversation wasn’t ideal. I did learn some words though. ¿Donde? Where. ¿Porque? Why. ¿Cuando? When. ¿Que es? What is. I’ll have to build on that on my own, but I know how bad I am with languages.

That night we went to see a flamenco show with her friend, fellow pornstar Aris who is tiny and seductive. It was amazing being close to the stage and watching live guitars and singers. The stamping of the dancers, their moves, were so vital to the rhythm of the song. There was so much passion in the performance. I have to admit though, I did get very tired and for a part of it took a nap, resting my head on Jimena’s lap. After a long day of sight seeing and making some videos in between (very exciting to announce I tried something completely new!) we went back home and I promptly fell asleep. No pillow fights were had, but when I woke up Jimena looked so adorable in her batman pajamas hugging a pillow in what she calls “the koala bear” position, I just knew our last day would be just as amazing.