Alex has a flair for bondage and domination, but knows I’m still new to that whole area. I come over one night, perfect mood lighting, perfect music, silk ties folded perfectly on the bedside table. I never knew getting tied up and fucked could be so romantic. 

tied to the bed and straddled harriet is  getting fucked

Alex has bought me flowers and chocolates, a classic move which never fails to win over. I quickly think over, has he done anything that’s made me angry or annoyed recently? I can’t think of anything. He glances over at me, sees the raised eyebrows and chuckles to himself.

“I haven’t done anything yet, but don’t worry. I will do.”

An excited shiver goes down my spine, and I sit at the table like an obedient child as he serves dinner, a simple asparagus pasta dish with a caprese salad. He pours me a glass of red wine, causing me to raise my eyebrows yet again. I don’t drink, and even if I did, surely pairing red wine and asparagus is a mistake?

It turns out I’m wrong about the red wine, and I’m truly thankful for the wine a little later on. As the evening progresses, we find ourselves kissing on his sofa. His hand is at the base of my neck, is fingers sprawling out in my hair. My hands are pressed against his chest, my whole body leaning in. I can smell his aftershave which is fresh with a slight tangy, citrus based smell. On anyone else it might be effeminate, but mixed with his natural body odour it’s an intoxicating aphrodisiac. I find myself breathing in heavily, in between kisses.

My hands find their way under his t-shirt. His skin is rough with chest hair that tickles under my fingers. I start to take his shirt off, tugging at the bottom, but he stops me. Instead, he stands up, swooping me up with him. I squeak out with the initial shock and confusion, but wrap my arms around his neck as he carries me to the bedroom. He lies me down on the bed, pinning me underneath him.

Then, he moves down, his face level with the zip of my jeans. He unbuttons the button and starts to slowly pull down the zip, his eyes holding mine the entire time. Such a simple act has never felt so erotic. He pulls the jeans off me, and comes back up, giving me legs small butterfly kisses as he goes. His hands reach up and cup my buttocks, soft then hard. At the top of my panty line he uses his teeth to softly graze my navel. It sends chills all over me, and I try to sit up, but her presses me gently back down.

He straddles over me, still fully dressed, and pulls of my top and then bra in quick succession. I’m wet and excited, unsure of what he’s going to do next. He reaches over and takes one of the silk ties, which sits on the bedside table, and he begins to tie my left hand to the bed post. The same is then done to my right hand, both have length so that I can lift my hands up maybe 10cm off the mattress, but tightly enough so that there’s no chance of them coming undone. He glances back at me feet but ultimately decides not to tie those.

“I won’t gag you if you promise not to make a noise. Do so, and I’ll have to spank you. Ok?”

I nod in agreement. Alex smiles back, and slips one hand into my panties. I’m dripping wet, the moisture seeps through the cotton, creating a little tell-tale wet patch. Alex flicks at my clit a few times, jumpstarting my body and making me thrust my hips up, already begging for more.

He takes his time, his index finger moving slowly up and down the slit, his thumb circling at my clit, sending sensation after sensation through me. He is now lying next to me, his hands idly playing around. He kisses me, gently, as he starts to insert his fingers inside my hot, wanting body. I gasp out as he teases my body with his fingers, his tongue simultaneously assaulting my mouth, sparring with my own. I want to wrap my arms around him, pull him closer, deepen our kiss, but the restraints remind me I can’t. I enjoy the feeling, but also resent it at the same time. It’s an odd mix, which serves only to drive me more crazy.

Alex then, unexpectedly stops, gets off the bed and stands there, looking at me for a while. I feel vulnerable and naked in front of him, who is still dressed. My panties are soaked, my nipples painfully erect and I want nothing more than for him to continue what he was doing.

He smiles at me with boyish charm, then starts to undress. I marvel at his body, his rock hard cock which is standing to attention. I lick my lips on impulse. He moves towards me, and I think, yes, he is going to face fuck me now. Instead however he gets out yet another silk tie, and ties it around my eyes. I can’t see anything, but it isn’t scary. Instead it is thrilling. I don’t know what he plans to do next.

I feel him get on the bed, touch my breasts, caress my body. I feel his hot cock brush up against my thigh, as he suckles on one breast. He is so gentle, lulling the nipple around in his mouth, sucking them softly, flicking the adjacent nipple with his fingers. All the while his hips are softly grinding against my thigh, rubbing his cock against my skin, making me moan.

I feel it as he moves to put his cock on my lips, feel the wetness of his precum dripping out from the tip. The smell of his manhood penetrates my nose, such a strong, masculine scent. I lick the tip tentatively with my tongue, and meeting no resistance, take the head into my mouth, sucking hungrily on it. He takes it slowly, but starts to slide his cock further into my mouth, pulling out, then sliding it back in. Each time it goes a little deeper, getting easier as I coat it with my saliva. Soon, I feel it hitting the back of my throat, and although my mouth is stretching wide to accommodate his size, it doesn’t feel uncomfortable. Instead, I’m overcome with the feeling of wanting more.