I’ve been pretty excited about the AVN Awards 2015 since getting the nomination for “Best Solo Girl Website” however I realised I didn’t really know that much about it, so today I’ve been doing tons of research and it’s even cooler than I had previously thought! Here’s what everyone can be expecting from the AVN Awards 2015.


The AVN Awards 2015 is hosted as always by the magazine AVN (which makes sense considering that’s what it’s called. This year it will be held at the Hard Rock Hotel, which seems to be a pretty rocking place to hold any award! It’s impressive to see the stage, and the there are literally thousands of people that attend, pornstars, directors, camera crew and fans. AAVN Awards is considered the Oscars of the porn industry, but unlike the Oscars you can actually buy tickets to attend them – much better!

The show itself looks way more fun than the Oscars though (Not that I would pass up going to those either!) For example, I had much more fun looking through the “Best Dressed” galleries of the AVN Awards, there dresses are beautiful but also much sexier. You can see everything from seductive lace, to sparkling glitter and even kinky latex. There’s also more cleavage, and nip-slips aren’t seen as a fashion faux par. In fact, flashing is really encouraged. Now there is a selfie I’d like to take! That not’s to say there isn’t elegance, rather it’s the opposite, with so much glamorous diversity I feel like they’ve managed to combine a Jean Paul Gaultier couture fashion show and the Oscars into one wondrous party mix. It makes me worried about attending the AVN Awards 2015 myself, and it’s probably the first time I’ve ever really though “What am I going to wear?!” – That’s why I’m hoping you guys are going to help me by giving suggestions on costume ideas, and we can have a vote before I attend! I wonder if anyone has gone in cosplay before? 

avn AVN

The show is paired with the EXPO convention that AVN also host, and together they make the best week I could imagine. All the top stars milling around looking sexy, meeting people and taking tons and tons of photos. I think that’s what I like most about the porn industry actually, everyone seems much more friendly, really happy to talk to each other and their fans. I’m hoping to also be at the EXPO but maybe I’ll just go as a visitor since it’s too late for me to book a booth (unless I can convince myfreecams to let me mill around their booth!) and I’m looking forward to meeting new people and making friends. There’s lots of questions i need answering, like how do the stars get their hair to stay so perfect? Or which is the best butt plug. There’s obviously going to be booths selling sex toys or at least demonstrating them, so I think it’ll be an exciting adventure! I’m crossing my fingers are finding a Real Doll, I actually love how realistic they look even though I prefer the female models to the male ones.


As for the show, it’s seated in one of the big halls at the Hard Rock Cafe with an impressive stage. Last year the show was hosted by Jesse Jane and Asa Akira, both stars I absolutely adore. Asa Akira has a lot of AVN Awards tucker under her belt and for good reason, I don’t think there’s an anal porn star I love watching more, and I’m simply dying to meet her in person! However if i had to list everyone I’d feel honoured to meet, the list would go on forever. All the A-list stars attend of course, but a lot of new comers are there too. I’m actually a little nervous, maybe I’ll get overwhelmed and will come across as the major dork I am! I mean, Bonnie Rotten who won “Best Female Performer” last year has tattoos and the has the complete bad-girl vibe going on, but is super charismatic and seems like the most lovely person to meet. Or Mia Malkova who won “Best New Starlet” who is really my blonde fantasy come to life. What will I do if I actually get a chance to meet these stars and my head explodes? Or worst, my panties? That’s before I even mention James Deen…


Luckily I can get distracted at the awards themselves, with entertainment ranging from actual strippers to music acts. I’ve never been to a strip club before, and I haven’t really been to live gigs either, so I’m actually mega excited about it. I won’t lie, I’ve been looking through gallery posts of the previous awards and they look like those big parties you see in movies like “American Pie”. I’ve never been a popular kid so I was never invited to those parties, and now I’m going to be going to the best one in the world. It’s unreal. I’m following AVN on twitter to stay up to date with the news, but you can check out all the info on their website, where you can also book tickets to attend yourself!