There’s a joke that once you get married, you’ll basically never have sex. Your wife will be too tired, feel gross or have a headache. I consider myself to have a pretty high sex drive, but there are some days when I do feel too tired and gross and I have a headache. Those are the perfect time to bust out the candles, music and seduce me with some romantic sex! 


It has been hectic recently. I’ve been feeling under the weather, life is busy and stressful and overall I haven’t felt remotely attractive in while. Not conditions that make me want to tear off my clothes passionately. The only thing I’m very passionate about doing is getting into a hot bath for a long soak.

Which is exactly what my lover has prepared for me. I feel guilty because I’ve been snappish and haven’t actually met him for some time. We’re not boyfriend girlfriend, and our schedules don’t always match up. I feel like I should put more effort in when we do meet. This time though, as I enter his apartment, the lights are dimmed low and there’s some soft piano music playing. It’s very relaxing.

He meets me at the door in nothing but a dressing gown, takes my bag from me and then cups my face to give me a long, deep kiss. He smells of soap. Then he tells me to go upstairs, there’s a bath ready, and he’ll join me in a moment. The bathroom is flickering with some tea-light candles, and the bubbles are pretty high. Just how I like it. I take off my clothes and get in, realising this is what I’ve needed for a while. The smooth feel of soapy water washing over my body. I start massaging my breasts, legs and neck. I’m actually cupping my breasts as he walks in, holding two glasses of wine and a box of strawberries. I can’t help but smile and think “goddamn this guy is smooth.”

He carefully climbs into the bath tub  behind me, so that I am sitting between his legs, leaning back into him. He takes my place at massaging my breasts and I lie back with a content sigh. His hands and fingers move slowly over my body, hot where my skin is cold out of the water, and soft where my skin is hot in the water. His hands travel further down, stroking and teasing my inner thigh, running slyly across my stomach. I arch my back into him. I want to touch him back, but this feels so nice, I don’t move.

Finally his fingers start to caress my sweet spot, and I don’t know if it’s a combination of being relaxed after so long, or the water, but I cum almost instantaneously. It’s almost embarrassing. The bathtub isn’t that big and I splash a lot of the water out in the process. I get up a bit, turn around, and am relieved to find him very erect. I reposition myself to angle just above him, and still feelings the wave from my climax, I slowly ease myself onto him.

He places both hands on either side of my waist and starts to bounce me on his cock. It feels amazing, being filled up and fucked in the bath like this. I’m sweating from the heat, and press myself into him, my breasts crushing against his chest. I move my hips faster, up and down, harder, I want to cum again. I smother a cry into his neck, fingers clenched in his hair, working my way on top.

Finally I start to shudder over him, feeling him strain inside me and we explode together. There’s water and bubbles everywhere, but I can’t do much besides hold onto him as tightly as I can, feeling him deep in me. By the time I’ve calmed down and stopped shaking, he lifts me out, helps me dry off and we lie on the bed in utter satisfaction. Candle light, music, romantic sex. What more could I have asked for?