I’ve been wanting to do a camgirl review of one of my biggest crushes, as well as inspiration, AmberCutie from MFC, for a long time now. However she’s really simply amazing, and so it’s taken me a while to get my head on how I should write it. I’ve tried to put it as well as possible though!


AmberCutie is a big name on MyFreeCams, as well as in the camgirl world. If you’re a camgirl, you’ve most likely heard about her. If you’re not a camgirl, you’ve most likely heard about her too. If you’re really lucky, you’ve probably watched one (or more!) of her shows!! One of the biggest reasons as to why I admire her so much is because she’s so honest, but she’s also a very relatable person, despite being such a huge name. In some ways, she feels like a celebrity but in other ways, I don’t think anyone has ever felt like they couldn’t say hi to her. The biggest reason why she’s such an inspiration however is because she loves camming, and if you watch one of her shows, you’ll understand that she really enjoys chatting to her room, playing games and just being awesome.


For me, I also love to cam and talk to the room and meet new people. I feel like I can relate to Amber because she really is just a normal girl. A normal girl with amazing breasts. If you go to her website, there’s a bio bit that will explain tons more than I will here AmberCutie.com/me

But the summary is, she was your normal 9-5 office lady, and when her and her husband decided to buy a house they looked into ways of making some extra money. Along came camming which she was brilliant at, and now she does it full time. What I love about this story is that she really likes to cam, and was able to make it her thing. Sometimes I feel like a lot of new models come into the camming world thinking it’s super easy, a “get-rich-quick” scheme or something; but you won’t be happy unless you enjoy what you do!

Amber is not only fab at camming, she’s also really supportive with new camgirls. She has her own forum, which camgirls or anybody can join and discuss things. There’s lots of pointers and suggestions, and any new models should make a bee-line for it! She has created a whole community, giving models everywhere support. I think it’s inspiring that even with her huge success, she will still talk to a newbie or whoever and give them the best advice she can. That there is a good person. I want to be a camgirl that will always be supportive of my fellow models, and who can create a room where everyone has fun.


On the non-camming side of things, she’s also pretty awesome in other ways. I could talk A LOT about how hot she is. She is confident with her body, even though she says she was shy before, and she works really hard to be her best. Then, she’s also a gamer girl! This made me so happy when I found out! I’ve not played WoW myself, but I’m also glad to not be the only girl that enjoys CoD!! I love how she shows her everyday life, is happy to say “yeah, I’m just a normal girl that watches TV and plays video games” and at no point does anyone think that’s a bad thing! Girls, and models especially, get a lot of stigma for their day to day lives. Are we meant to be at the gym everyday? Do we prance around in fancy underwear always? I admire that she’s a no-frills, what you see is what you get, kind of girl, and I hope to be just as open and honest as she is.

Seriously though, if you haven’t seen her before, check out her website, her forums and try to catch one of her shows! She made a huge impact to the camming world and you’ll understand exactly why!