It’s pretty obvious now that Misha Mayfair and I are best buds. This last weekend was her birthday, and she decided to have a karaoke party! It was super fun, everyone wore formal wear, and we sang along to great hits such as Bohemian Rhapsody and Hot in Herrrre!DSCF1322DSCF1329

Misha is a really important friend to me, so for her birthday I searched high and low for the perfect present. I know people say that presents aren’t important, that it’s the thought that counts, but I really like them. Especially giving them to my friends. To be honest, I didn’t know what to get her. Even though we’re close, we’ve only known each other for maybe 2 months. I thought maybe clothes would be nice, or a perfume, but I’m not so sure what styles she likes. I’ve been told my own choice of clothing can be pretty weird! I ended up going to my favourite jewellery shop and buying her a pink necklace. I think the colour will really suit her! It’s a nice simple design too, so she can match it with lots of different outfits! 

On the actual day of the party, I decided to help by making some canapés. I know she wanted to do something a bit posh, and was going to make some herself, but I thought it was something I could help with since I couldn’t help with much else! It was kind of hard to decide what to make though, because she is lactose intolerant and lots of recipes for canapés involve cheese or cream. In the end, I made golden quail eggs in nori baskets, beef teriyaki on sun-dried tomato crackers, enoki mushroom cups with salmon rice and smoked salmon roses with lacto-free cream cheese and salmon roe. It looked decent! Although I ran way over time, and missed the pre-party drinks at her house! ahh, I’m such a clumsy friend, making food and then missing the start of the party!! I felt super guilty.

Because it was formal wear, i wore my black ball gown-esque dress and even put on high heels although I’m not very good at wearing them.  Everyone was already in the booth we rented for the party. There were only 8 of us in total, and I only sort of knew 3 including Misha so I felt very shy. I offered the food I bought, but was nervous whether people would even want them or not! The singing had already started, and I had missed the first round of “Superbass”

Everyone was drinking wine, so I thought for this occasion I’ll have some alcohol too! I ended up buying some sparkling sake which was really sweet and nice. I only drank two (wine) glasses of it, and made sure not to get drunk. A platter of sushi came to the booth too which was super duper yummy. I sang with lots of songs with Misha as well as the other guests, and killed aqua’s “Doctor Jones” if I do say so myself!

The night was really fun, being able to let my hair down was great. Misha really liked my present which was a huge relief for me!  On the car ride home, we continued to sing along to cheesy songs. It’s really great to have friends, although I’m still very shy around lots of people, I think this was a great step forward!