If you’re at all into Anime, you probably know who Rei Ayanami is. She’s the blue haired one from the crazy robot show  “Neon Genesis Evangelion”, sometimes shorted to Eva (now people get it mixed up with the online game EVE online). I’ve wanted to cosplay her for forever.. and since i’ve only just started the path of cosplaying, this is a very early attempt. I am sure you will be seeing much more of her in the future.


Who is Rei Ayanami and why is she so big? Hmm. Eva is weird because the story plots throughout the series never makes much sense. Ever. And non of the characters are really likeable if you sit down and think about it. However Rei, along with all the protagonists are huge deals throughout anime fandom. I think it’s partially because of how long running the series is, legendary in it’s own right. Rei is cool because she basically has no personality. Almost zero emotions and it’s kinda depressing because she knows she’s disposable to the program. (Although you can never get rid of her)
It must just be a thing, that I like to cosplay characters that are the opposite of me. I always do them badly, because I can’t act emotionless. However I admire those characters because I think they’re pretty realistic, heck, I’ve met people who have very little (outward) emotion. So I think when I cosplay, I like to do a character that isn’t me. It’s a fantasy right? Plus her white plugsuit it hot!

Photo on 14-02-2014 at 23.05 #2

I really want to wear the full plug suit. One day, I’ll go full hog, latex and plastic components. Today however it’s pretty lame, just a leotard that I drew on. I don’t even have her red eyes, because finding colour contacts with my prescription is a bitch. I’m still going to really enjoy dressing up as her, but just remember guys, this isn’t even my final form!