I get asked quite often about why I decided to be a camgirl and I can honestly say it’s because I really enjoyed watching other camgirls. You all know about Misha, who I blogged about before. Well there’s an abundance of camgirls that I adore, from before I became a camgirl and also after. I still spend a lot of time watching them! The first one to mention is GinnyPotter from MyFreeCams, I watch her show nearly every day.

GinnyPotter is 23, and has been caming  on MFC for at least 2-3 years. I’m not very good at online stalking though, so I have no idea. The number one reason why I (and many others) adore her so much is because she is just so much fun! Her MyFreeCams’ shows are always filled with games and competitions and she really goes the extra effort to make sure everyone is enjoying themselves!

Not to mention how unbelievably hot she is. I gawp at her pictures a lot. I probably shouldn’t mention that. But she has that total girl-next-door, want-to-marry vibe about her. Luckily for me, she’s bisexual! I know the chances I ever meet her is pretty low with the Atlantic ocean separating us, but I can dream.

GinnyPotter MyFreeCams girl next door

GinnyPotter is the perfect, sultry girl-next-door

It’s the smile

Without a doubt GinnyPotter has a smoking hot body, but it’s the smile that gets you because it’s so genuine, warm and filled with fun. You might go into a camgirl’s room for the tits, but you stay for the company. I’ve watched a lot of camgirls and I can honestly say only a handful have had that effect on me. The part where she’s a super geek also really helps make her one of my favorite dream girlfriends.

GinnyPotter deserves all the love she gets. She’s fabulous. I feel like as a blog post, I should be making more effort about writing a proper review about her, but instead I’m just gushing about how much I like her. I can’t imagine what she’d think if she read this!

Oh and have you watched one of her videos? They’re just too hot. You can buy them on MFC here. Her ass series gets me every time. And of course if you catch her online you can watch the live show, which is even better.

GinnyPotter basically just ticks all the boxes for me. Amazing body, lovely pert breast, awesome personality, really puts in the extra effort to make sure everyone feels welcome and enjoys the show. A ton of photos and videos to gawk at when she’s not online.

Being a camgirl isn’t the easiest thing in the world, but GinnyPotter really makes it look like it’s the most fun thing ever. I certainly enjoy it. I hope that I can become as great a camgirl on MFC as her one day!