This is Harriet, writing my very first ever blog. Ever. There’s a first time for everything right?  Speaking of first times… Only joking that story isn’t something one should write about for such a momentous occasion. My first post that absolutely no one, sans my boyfriend, will read.

However what about my very first orgasm? Don’t worry, this story is completely legal. This might sound hard to believe but I never explored my own body until I reached uni. And boy, have I been missing out!!

It started off innocently enough… I had just moved into my dorm room at uni. They’re really small, much smaller than I had been used to. I actually moved in September which as many of you will know is much earlier than when University actually starts.

I opened  up my laptop with the intention of writing an email to my family to tell them I had everything unpacked. I can’t remember which site it was now, but as I was just clicking through one of the side bars had an advertisement for a porn site. The picture showed a young blonde girl with her legs spread wide, her rainbow tank top had ridden up to show perky little breasts with bright pink nipples. She had cum dripping between her legs and those sports socks that stop just below your knees. It turned me on instantly.

I clicked on the link but it was a pay for site, and i thought why the hell not. No I didn’t give them my credit card details, but i went to a porn site for the first time in my entire life. It was a bit of an overload. Girls being fucked in all positions, black ones, white ones, asian ones. Men with rock hard bodies and cocks smiled at me, inviting me to click their video. I ended up picking a soft vanilla one of a blonde girl being brutally fucked by a monster black guy. I thought I was jumping in at the deep end. How wrong I was. But save that…

At first I just tentatively  out my hands inside my trousers, already able to feel the moistness seeping into my panties. I started stroking and sensations of warmth spread throughout my body making me curl my toes. Wow. It was even better when I was brave enough to venture past the cotton pantie barrier, a symbolic virginal white, and touch myself for the first time. Flesh on flesh, it felt so raw, so amazing. I actually had to stop. It was so different, but so good. Why had I waited so long? I found my clit and started rubbing up and down. Up and down, round and round. The sensations rolled into bigger waves as the moans of the blonde girl grew louder. Then, as I finally managed to stick my middle finger, dripping with my own want, into my oh so tight hole, the man on the screen rammed his 9 incher into the blonde’s gaping arsehole. She screamed, I screamed, we all screamed as my orgasm rocked me so much I thought I would fall off my chair. There was a definite wet patch on the wooden seat. My senses felt so heightened. Which is why I nearly did fall off my chair hearing footsteps coming towards my room.

I quickly shut off my laptop and ran into the toilet. I felt alive and very, very naughty. And very… very good.

And to this day, as I expand my journey of sexual discovery, “Blonde ass-fucked by Mr Big” is still saved in my favourites folder!