I thought it was about time I published another video from Yumi Sugarbaby’s weekend in London with my cameraman. I must have watched this video about 10 times before I uploaded it. It’s one of my favourites. She just looks so naturally beautiful in this one.



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  • Sacred

    As always Yumi is a delight to watch!
    Every video she does just feels so natural and real, you truly feel as if you are there with her in the moment. Looking forward to her next video!!! And Yes! I love that bra too, simple and elegant at the same time to create something both alluring and sexy!

    Sorry if i missed this somewhere else, maybe in one of their social media feeds, but…are those two a couple?

    • No we’re not a couple:)

      • Randy Marsh

        Will there be a yumi masturbation video in the future?

      • smokiebacon69

        Are you Harriet’s camera-man? You’re the luckiest guy ever!

  • kimkd1231

    VHQ Zip File can not be opened.

    • man8214

      me too, pls fix thanks!

  • yumiheart

    So hot YUMI.. <3

  • screamblesound


  • evill1028

    Wish I can join the fun

  • leeeeeemmm

    True story: I dated this girl for 3 month in real life. And I found out about this side of her by seeing one of her video’s online :O #SecretLife