It’s time for more lesbian sex from my sleepover with my awesomely hot sugar baby, Yumi. She’s still very new to girl on girl fun and being on camera when this was filmed. In part two my cameraman joins in.



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  • laputarustyflowerbot

    Does yumi have any website or videos or what is her last name. Because I can’t find anything else from her beside these videos. I would love to see more of her..?

    • She doesn’t have a twitter account or her own site. The videos on my website are completely exclusive.

      • Raggedydavid

        Hello there Harriet. Hope that you’re well. Really, I am trying not to sound like a pervert here. Being physically disabled, I don’t get out much. What are the chances of seeing more of Yumi? As you may imagine, I do prefer Asian girls. Thank you, David

        • I’m hoping to make more videos with Yumi at the start of 2017 – right now everyone is busy with Christmas 🙂

          • Randy Marsh

            Can you make a video of how yumi masturbates 🙂

          • alliemia51

            is possible for you fuck other man?

  • simplerapier

    I really love you Harriet, i wish someday meet you 🙂 <3 kisses

  • bustanut77

    Can you please tell me what the 2 free videos are that come with the free membership? I am not sure of how to access them.

    • Under the Video tab at the top of the page a menu should pop down and it’s the first one “Free Videos” 🙂

  • ronleong96

    Really love yumi ?

  • kijohnjohn2017

    I love yumi

  • titero123

    both of u look so cute

  • russel28

    i wanna lick harriet and yumis little pussys!