In this past year alone I’ve changed my hair style, make up and clothing choices countless times, and I’ve taken thousands (yes, thousands) of selfies! Narrowing it down to 5o photos was quite hard, but I’ve picked out some of my more memorable ones, which ranges through different styles. Do you remember any of these, and if so, which look was your favourite? Here’s my year in 50 Selfies.


It has been a long year, and I’ve gone through a lot of looks. I personally can’t pick one though, and I’d love to revisit them all. Next I’ve got to come up with a costume for Halloween this year. Also, do I go back to blonde/pink hair?! So many questions, so little time. I need you help on more ideas for looks and costumes.

  • Christopher Ragland

    I don’t see the pictures but might be my internet

  • NeilW

    A complete absence of pictures here, too. Unless they’re zen pictures and we’re supposed to contemplate them rather than look at them?

    • NeilW

      They’re there now. I have my shortlist down to 7, although you haven’t included any of the 3 which are my clear favourites. So I’ve included them here – the one with the hat is a GLORIOUS photo, sunshine and joy personified. The bumflash probably sums you up a bit better, though. Mind you, two of my favourite 3 aren’t selfies (although neither are your 0374, 3551, 0607, and 2752).

      I’ll have a think and give my vote with reasons after the weekend.

      PS there are only 48 pics. I feel cheated.

  • Christopher Ragland

    OK the pictures finally started to show up, I’m guessing either they was an error, or something must of been off on the coding

  • Christopher Ragland

    I don’t know if I could pick just one, but some I like better are: the one where you laying in the tub cause it feels artistic, the one your in pigtails cause you just look so cute in it, & then the one of you at your new place leaning against the wall.

    But the ones I like the least are: the one of after your hair was dyed light cause it just didn’t look like a good dye job, the ones with the round glasses lenses just cause I don’t like those glasses, and the the one where you had a perm just didn’t look right on you.

    But with that said I do like any picture of you. <3

  • NeilW

    I took the brief seriously, and there are 4 elements to it:

    1. Which Harriet is your favourite? (your own question)

    2. Halloween ideas?

    3. Return to blonde/pink hair?

    4. Ideas generally for looks and costumes.

    The easy one first – number 3. Change your hair colour only if you want to, or for a specific project, or if you feel a bit of variety is warranted. Personally, I really like your hair natural.

    2 – Halloween ideas.
    Well, a witch is easy, and you haven’t done that as far as I can see. But it depends on what sort of
    venue you are anticipating taking it to, how adult you are prepared to get, and how confident you would feel being somewhat revealing in public (Hmm – end of October – not warm). I have ideas, but more guidance would be appreciated.

    4 is ongoing – no great hurry there, ideas can be offered at any time.

    Which brings us back to 1. The problem is in the question – Which Harriet? Because there are LOADS of Harriets. Harriet the geek, Harriet the demure young lady, Harriet the student, Harriet the girl-about-London, Harriet the exhibitionist, Harriet the temptress, Harriet the performer, Harriet the unconsciously gorgeous, Harriet the self-contained bundle of sunshine and joy, Harriet the horny, Harriet the occasionally somewhat acidic (mea culpa), Harriet Queen of the Selfie, Harriet Queen of Laughter and Giggles, Harriet the gourmet/gourmand/cook, Harriet the writer – I’m up to 15, and I’ve hardly scratched the surface of the on-line persona (let alone the depths which lie below the image), and they are all one person anyway – how do you capture them all in a single photo? Answer – you can’t. So I end up with 2 criteria – which ones do I like, and which do I feel represent the Harriet you choose to let us see.

    Boobs weren’t important to me in this list, but my shortlist of 6 has 4 boob/nude photos. They are SO

    So, in reverse order:

    3023 – a plain unvarnished selfie: no smile, no playacting, a simple full-face shot. Perhaps the closest one to Harriet the Not-being-anyone-or-anything-else.

    3044 (reclining nude) – nude but not showing any rude bits, and facially neutral, there is an attractive air of vulnerability to this picture.

    1464 (topless, curly hair, woolly hat) – the featureless background and distant look give this image a haunting and haunted quality.

    4522 (nude in bath, hair up) – although it may well just be imagination on the part of the viewer, the expression here, especially the look in the eyes, seems to say “Oh yes – just let me put this camera down, and we’ll see what we can do about getting those trousers off you.”

    2752 (“Look, You Guys – boobs!”) – I love this photoset, one of very few sets which aren’t selfies, and it’s nice to see this one in colour. The rather odd expression is representative of your leaning towards pulling faces, but this is a quality photo overall.

    0607 (waiting for dinner) – and this is the one which tops my list. The other food one – Zatanna corset
    – has distracting boobage: this one is a simple unassuming photo of a beautiful girl with a lovely smile in happy circumstances. If I was ever to meet Harriet, this is the Harriet I would want to meet.

  • JuanSolo

    Too many amazing photos to choose from. Personally, I love 8, 18-20, 34, 35, & 41. I like the blonde/pink hair, but natural looks best.

  • Matt

    Personally I think your dusky red head look was epic! I’d vote to keep that all year long!

  • Tim Bennett

    I’m a sucker for a girl biting her lip so I’ll go for 20,very difficult to choose though.

  • Joey Kinsella

    I’d go for 15. Sophisticated but sexy ready to f*** all night long and then more.

  • Alan Clark

    You look absolutely amazing in all of them I could tell you everyday how beautiful you are

  • Kenneth Hoi

    Hi Harriet (not even sure is that your right name) my name is Kenneth. I am wondering do have a boyfriend ? If you don’t wanna grab a coffee one day ?